A wise man once said ‘The world is a book, those who do not travel read only a page’. This shows the importance of traveling in life. Travelling does break the monotony of life, widens our knowledge, and fills us with new experiences. Here is the list of cheapest asian countries to visit in 2022.

Before everything, let me explain something about Asia, being the largest continent does have many countries and places one would love to visit. But it is a bitter truth that money comes in the way of our dream to travel places. This is the reason why we ought to find places good for travelling as well as affordable. Is it really possible to find such place? Yes, it is possible. You won’t believe it but there are many countries in Asia popular for tourism and yet they are quite cheaper and affordable.

Here is the list of 10 cheapest asian countries for tourism:

1. Georgia:

Located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, Georgia is one of the most budget-friendly place to travel to. Being a home to Caucasian mountain villages and black sea beaches, gorgeous view can be found at every corner of the road there. Georgia is speckled with traditional villages you will never get bored of. The capital city, Tbilisi, is the melting pot of all traditional influences, cultures and thus the traditional way of living still prevails. Other places to travel are Batumi, Mtskheta, Stepantsminda where we can do skiing, find beaches, monasteries and so on. Georgia is in fact the cheapest country to visit in these lists but it is a woeful fact that it is quite under-visited.

Cost of room in a guest house: from 15 GEL (5.12 USD)
Average cost of meal: 2.70 GEL (0.92 USD)
Daily budget: 70 GEL (24 USD)

2. Nepal:

Nepal is another best destination for people who love hiking, mountain climbing, sightseeing landscapes. There is almost everything a man can enjoy except sea. Rather, Nepal has swift flowing rivers suitable for adventurous sports like rafting, bungee jumping. The capital city Kathmandu has so many things to offer. It is the city of temples and has a good weather condition. You can visit places like Pokhara to see gorgeous lakes, adventurous caves, waterfalls, view of the Himalayas. Other major attractions are national parks, gorges, religious sites like Lumbini, Pasupatinath and the list goes on. Being rich in cultural and biological diversities Nepal is one of those countries one ought to visit once in their lifetime.

Cost of room in a guest house: 1300 NPR (11.75 USD)
Average cost of meal: 200 NPR(1.81 USD)
Daily budget: 3000 NPR(27.12 USD)

Nepal is one of the best and cheapest asian countries for jungle safari. Click here to find out the best places for jungal safari in nepal

3. India:

India is another beautiful country closest to Nepal. You won’t get a country as large as India and yet has so many fascinating places. It is rich in biodiversity. You can find everything in India. Unlike Nepal, it has wonderful beaches to have fun. From beaches and mountains to delicious food, amazing architectural masterpieces, bustling cities and markets, spiritual and religious experiences, India is one of the most attractive destination.

Despite having so many attractions, India is quite cheaper. Abundant cheap street foods, cheaper dorms and transportation in cheaper trains make India cheaper for tourists. And thus, India is one of the country in the list of cheapest asian countries to visit in 2022.

Cost of room in a guest house: 800 INR (11.48 USD)
Average cost of meal: 110 INR(1.58 USD)
Daily budget: 2600 INR(37.32 USD)

4. Srilanka:

Here comes another south Asian country in the list. Most of the South Asian countries have tourism as the major source of country’s economy and so has Srilanka. The island county of Srilanka is abundantly rich in sandy beaches, natural treasures and cultural diversities. You can travel around the country and the food and accommodations are quite cheaper. However, visiting national parks and famous Sigriya Rock and other special attractions might be a bit costly. Though costly it is worth to see wildlife like elephants, leopards, Loris, dugong, porcupines, bats, monkeys and the list goes on.

Cost of room in a guest house: from 1800 LKR (10.2 USD)
Average cost of meal: 250 LKR (1.42 USD)
Daily budget: 7000 LKR (39.65 USD)

5. China:

Well, travelling China may sound expensive to people but if u are smart enough it can be quite cheaper. For this, you just have to dodge the expensive cities like Shanghai and spend our time in cheap cities. Be smart to stay in a small city because the smaller the city the cheaper the accommodations and foods are. Transportation is fast and cheap and this is the reason why you can easily explore large cities while accommodating in a smaller city.

The major affordable destinations are Xi’an ( has fascinating terracotta army), Harbin ( popular for annual ice festival), Chengdu( famous for pandas) and Huangshan for beautiful natural scenery. Other destinations are Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Great Wall of China, Guilin and much more.

Cost of room in a guest house: from 90 CNY (13 USD)
Average cost of meal: 20 CNY (2.88 USD)
Daily budget: 300 CNY(43.23 USD)

There are more cheapest asian countries to visit in 2022. Read more to find out.

6. Vietnam:

Vietnam is the easternmost country in the Indochina peninsula. It is known for its staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities. Beware of not taking jeans to Vietnam because people are quite conservative regarding their dress and tourists should also follow their dress code. Though Vietnam is a bit compelling it never disappoints you in terms of places you can explore.

One can explore rocky islands, junk boats and Dau Go cave in Ha Long Bay, Notre-Dame and war remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh City, temples and markets in bustling city of Hanoi (capital city), ancient towns, beaches and ceramics on Hoi An and much more. Almost everything is affordable here and the places are exotic.

Cost of room in a guest house: 300,000 VND (12.96 USD)
Average cost of meal: 40,000 VND (1.73 USD)
Daily budget: 930,000 VND (40.18 USD)

7. Indonesia:

Enjoying the list of cheapest asian countries? Indonesia might blow your mind. This southeast nation is made up of thousands of volcanic islands, and it is rich in cultural diversity. Being home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking different languages, Indonesia is the perfect destinations for curious travelers. But they should be smart enough to spend most of the time in cheaper places than wandering around in pricier places.

Islands like Bali, Java and Sumatra are fairly affordable. Packaged trips can be more economic there and you will also get to know more people. Indonesia has a lot to offer from natural beauty, cultural and historical places, blissful beaches, nightlife and so on.

Cost of room in a guest house: 30,500 IDR (2.14 USD)
Average cost of meal: 25,000 IDR (1.76 USD)
Daily budget: 435,000 IDR (30.57 USD)

8. Turkey:

Turkey is a fascinating country which not only lies on the crossroads between Asia and Europe but is actually split between two continents. Due to its cost structure, We can safely put turkey in the list of cheapest asian countries. Not only the unique geographical location, but also other attractions like historical sites, seaside resorts and cultural diversity have helped to establish this country as a major tourist destination.

Always look forward to adventures like snorkeling, caving, hot air ballooning, hiking, kayaking and much more when u are travelling to Turkey. Istanbul (the capital city) is considered as one of the most popular destinations not only in turkey but in the whole world. Other destinations are  Pamukalle, Antalya, Ankara, Galipoli and the list goes on.

Cost of room in a guest house: from 45 TRY (8.09 USD)
Average cost of meal: 15 TRY (2.7 USD)
Daily budget: 250 TRY (44.96 USD)

9. Iran

You would not believe this but Iran is one of the cheapest asian countries to visit in 2022.

Iran, also called Persia, is a country in western Asia that is a budget-friendly destination for people who want to explore this colorful nation independently. One can go by the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea and enjoy beach holidays. Likewise, hiking and skiing in the Albortz and Zagros mountains is not a thing you would like to miss out. Having cultural and religious diversity, majority of foreigners travel there for religious pilgrims. But there are some things to be noted if u are going there. Iran is not a part of global banking system so one should travel with enough cash and should also have back-up funds.

Cost of room in a guest house: 335,000 IRR (10.05 USD)
Average cost of meal: 200,000 IRR(6 USD)
Daily budget: about 1.5 million IRR (45 USD)

10. Malaysia:

Malaysia is a popular destination for holidays and it might be hard to believe that it is quite afforfable. However the price can go up quickly if you want to explore pricier places like Malaysia Borneo. Malaysia is highly developed in terms of infrastructures and that makes going around to different cities and exploring them easier. Explore the places like Kuala Lumpur (famous for PETRONAS twin towers, shopping malls and dining), George Town( popular as Penang’s colonial, multicultural capital), Langwaki(known for snorkeling, beach, eagle, hawk), Malacca(known for jonker street) and much more. Malaysia has something for everyone ranging from architectural gems, natural galore, glorious national parks, and gorgeous beaches and so on.

Cost of room in a guest house: from 43 MYR (10.34 USD)
Average cost of meal: 10 MYR (2.41 USD)
Daily budget: 165 MYR (39.69 USD)

These are the 10 cheapest and fascinating countries for tourism in Asia. Besides this, there are also other countries like Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines and Pakistan that can be fascinating to visit. The prices mentioned above are average prices and it depends on the type of city you go, the type of foods you eat and the type of guest house you visit. You should be smart enough to manage your expenses. I suggest you to learn a lot a about the country you are going to visit beforehand to make sure you won’t get into any trouble.

By Nishchal Poudel

Nishchal is currently studying Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering at IOE Pulchowk Campus, Nepal.

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