Every business needs an idea . It will indeed be impossible to last long in the economy race without an original and creative idea . Moreover , with emerging trends and charm for entrepreneurship , it will of course be an understatement to say many of us might not have thought of starting some business of our own and become an entrepreneur. It feels special when you have something you can call your own . But to sustain your ideas and be a successful entrepreneur , there are some personal traits you need to have . Without these traits , it will be a tough call to entertain you as an entrepreneur.

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So, with the help of due research from different sites , books on startups and personal belief , here I present you 10 traits that can help you be a successful entrepreneur;


No action gives immediate results. Every thing takes time to shape up . You should be patient with whatever you do . Haste can lead to mistakes and less efficient work . As an entrepreneur , you should be patient enough to let your idea evolve .


Treating people with compassion and respect leads to a coordial relationship and also helps to reduce stress and mental anxiety. Recognizing people’s effort can work wonders from a team perspective . Remember an entrepreneur is always humble.

Room for learning from mistakes

There is nothing 100 % efficient . No matter how much care you take some mistakes do creep in . Learning from past mistakes and taking care of it in future can help you a great deal in accomplishing your work effectively. See every failure as a new lesson and a lesson well learnt can make you pass any tests in an startup.

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Lenient for new ideas

You should always be open for new ideas from people or books or any medium for the good of your startup. Evolvement of anything requires innovation and creativity . New ideas lead to renewed vigour and enthusiasm. May be you get ideas from subordinates or else, be considerate.

Value Time

Time is a very critical thing . It should be valued . Proper planning and good leadership come in handy for your entrepreneurship endeavor .And as the saying goes “Time is Money “, you would not like to risk your money , would you ?


You should always give continuity to what you are doing or what you are focusing at . To achieve anything , you need to put in all your effort but without continuous work , the effort can not convert to something you intend to. So , be sure of giving continuity to your startup and that will eventually make u a good entrepreneur.


You should always be positive about what you are doing . It is your belief in yourself, that can sail you through ups and downs in your startup ideas. Coping with negativity is hard task . You should always try to be your cheerful self. You should work to achieve your favorable outcome , but also be ready for any possibility during your entrepreneurship.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are a must . You should be well spoken and know how to carry yourself with ease and grace . As an entrepreneur, these skills can help you reach out to clients and make your startup and your effort pay off. Poor communication skills can put your reputation and credibility at stake.

Risk taking and courageous

During your entrepreneurship journey , you will face ups and downs . Situations may come when you would like to quit . But you should be courageous enough to dare and take a leap of faith . Risk taking may be two sided sword but with courage and focused determination , you can reach your goal. Remember you have signed up for something greater than mere failures.

Mark Zukerburg- Importance of risk in startup


You should know when to use your network and your team . You should be well versed with your resources so that maximum utilization can be done . If you are not able to extract best of things or people at your access , you may be giving up your chances at success and your entrepreneurial dream.

Though many of you may be well versed with above mentioned traits , it is not a bad thing to be reminded of it . One more trait , absence of which can cause catastrophic failure , and which is next important to having an idea is understanding the flow of money. To earn money you need to respect it first . And you need to understand the flow of it . The income and expenses when well balanced can lead to a sustainable company .

Do check out this wikipedia link about Entrepreneurship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrepreneurship

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