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Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering is one of the oldest and reputed engineering institute in Nepal. Although the university ranking ranks Kathmandu University above our beloved IOE, there are some of the positive aspects of IOE we all can be proud of. Due to ongoing political transition and lack of qualified resources, we cannot blame everything on Institute of Engineering for its shortcomings.
Freshers might be feeling hesitant about the choice of Institute of Engineering due to circulation of various rumors as well as trolls and memes on social media. Some of you might be feeling low because your ranks only allows admission to constituent campuses outside Kathmandu Valley. If you are enrolled in any of the campus either affiliated to TU or any of the constituent campus, be proud because you have become a student of one of the reputed Engineering Institute in Nepal. Here are some of the positive aspects of institute of Engineering in Nepal:

Institute of Engineering

1.Globally recognized Engineering course with cheap fee structure

Institute of Engineering is probably one of the few institute in Nepal which provides globally recognized engineering course in the fee which is cheap. The whole Institute runs on public funding.There are few privately funded campuses affiliated to TU Institute of Engineering who charge students a little more. But the Good news is, regulations have been put to ensure full scholarships for needy students. Constituent Campuses are cheap if you are talented and lucky enough to be admitted. The fee per semester is about NRS 35000. This amount may vary with the course (for example current fee for Aerospace Engineering course is about NRS 70000). And these are only the fees for students enrolled in full fee scheme. More than 25% of students enrolled in constituent campuses enjoy accredited engineering course at only Nrs 4000 per semester. This is actually life saver for students who are from low and middle class families.

Now let’s talk about recognition. Whatever trolls and memes are being made on IOE. Engineering course of IOE is recognized by every major institution in the world. In fact every IOE student is also a proud student of Tribhuvan University. Ignoring the dirty politics and bureaucracy, this name still holds some weight globally, thanks to our alumni proving themselves in global platform.

Looking for support at IOE Purwanchal Campus, Dharan?? Click here

2.Diverse engineering faculties and specialization to choose from

IOE provides varieties of engineering courses to choose from. Apart from general and broad engineering courses like mechanical, civil, electrical and electronics engineering, IOE also provides some specialized courses such as Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Geomatics Engineering. Recently, Chemical Engineering has also created its mark on IOE. This is one of the strongest points of Institute of Engineering. You get to choose from more than 7 specialization of Engineering. Although, we would have to ignore some of the shortcomings i.e. lack of proper labs.

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3. Lesser incidents on ragging and bullying

No ragging and bullying in IOE

Yes,it is safe to say there is no ragging and bullying in engineering campuses(TU affiliated) in Nepal. That is one of the coolest feature of IOE Campuses. Seniors are friendly. We have to give credits to students’ organization for absence of ragging in IOE campuses. Almost every student in IOE is affiliated to some students’ society and clubs. Hence, there is a feeling of cooperation and brotherhood among students. We might expect occasional “quarrel” between students’ political societies in some campuses. Such conflicts get sorted quickly.

Musical Event at IOE Purwanchal Campus

In contrast to agricultural campuses, where students relating to different political parties aren’t quite fond of each other. Students with different political views live in harmony in engineering campus ( at least in IOE ERC). You will be welcomed by friendly seniors and you will feel at “home” at any engineering campuses. There has been reports of some ragging incidents in some private engineering campuses. But be assured of no such ragging in constituent campuses of IOE. Yes to brotherhood!!!

4. Regular Organization of various national level technical events

At various campus(affiliated and constituent) across IOE, various technical events are organized every year. Some of the big tech events happened recently are Locus (Pulchowk Campus), Mechtrix(Pulchowk Campus), Jigyasa(Thapathali Campus), Vector(Paschimanchal Campus), Dristi( KEC) , DELTA (Eastern Region Campus) and many more. Whether you are studying inside or outside kathmandu valley, you get chance to show yourself in various technical events organized. You will be given platform to showcase your every talents and skills all around Nepal. Even some of the big celebraties in Nepal visit these events. This is the strength of Institute of Engineering.

If you have the thirst of innovation and have something amazing to share, you have various events knocking your door. IOE Pulchowk Campus and IOE Western Regional Campus even hosts Hult Prize On Campus Program. Hult Prize is a global competition where you get the chance to win 1 million dollar prize. Preparations are underway for successful organization of “Hult Prize at IOE Purwanchal Campus”. I have only mentioned few grand events. There are numerous events organized every semester inside constituent and private campuses. In short, If you have got the skills and talents, you would get great opportunities every year to showcase you talents in National Level.

actors visiting locus 2019
Actors observing at LOCUS 2019, Pulchowk Campus

5. Chance to participate in international competitions

robot in competion of IOE

Students at Institute of Engineering are not just limited to National and Local competitions. We participate in International Competitions too. Talented and enthusiastic students from Pulchowk Campus Robotics Club participate in ABU Robocon (International Robotics Competition). Students from Eastern Regional Campus take part in robotics competition in China. Students also get chance to take part in international competitions through Robotics Association of Nepal. Apart from robotics, students from Purwanchal Campus took part in IIT Techfest in structure modelling competition. Let’s not forget, each winning team from Hult Prize on campus event in IOE is guaranteed entry to regional finals of Hult prize competition. The list grows yearly. More and more students from our IOE get international exposure through various competitions. You can be the next!!

6. Getting a chance to meet and interact with brilliant students all around nepal

Every year thousands of students give entrance exam to be admitted to one of the campuses in IOE. Students all over Nepal fight for their spots in Nations’ one of the reputed Engineering Institute. Almost every students enrolled are proven toppers and rank holders. There is a whole new level of competition here at IOE. When you compete with the bests, you are bound to be the best. Make sure you have the courage to take on the whole new level of challenge.

There are students from all over nepal trying to make his/her mark in a whole new stage. You get to learn from the bests. You get to be friend with students with diverse skillset. Who knows you might find your next partner in crime here at IOE? Who knows you might form a great team who might be driving force of next change? Future politician? Future rockstar? future CEO? future changemaker? future poet? There are endless possibilities. Of course, you will make some of the best memories of your life here at IOE as well.

Performance at IOE Purwanchal Campus

7. Looking to start your own startup? Start here!!

Being one of the top and reputed engineering institute, Students from all over Nepal come under common umbrella of Institute of Engineering. If you are founder, you might team up with great co-founders. You might get new ideas too because of interaction with diverse demographics. Due to close coordination among the students here, you automatically get potential clients/customers for your next startup. In short, you have chances to get best teammates, closest markets as well as some funding by participating in various competitions organized all over Nepal.

startup ioe

8. Strict Academic schedule and examination

How many times you have heard of exams being postponed due to some political crisis in government campuses in Nepal? We have grown reading a lot of such news. However, IOE is different. Whatever happens, the academic schedule is followed strictly. If the routine says exams will happen on a particular date, it just happens. No bullshits!! Whoever dies, whatever happens, whatever the festival is IOE exams are not postponed. The only time I heard of exams being postponed was during the major earthquake – 2072. This is one of the biggest positive things about IOE. We get to give exams on time and results are released on time. No more waiting for five years to be graduated.

ioe exam routine
Schedule of Back Exam

Watch out for backlogs though !!!!

Although IOE faces a lot of criticism from various stakeholders, there are some of the positive aspects of IOE too. It all depends on the students’ mindset and will to adapt to changes. Things never will be like your time at high school. You are given some degree of freedom here at IOE. Things might be different at private colleges.

If you are lucky enough to be enrolled in government campuses, be prepared to face a lot of challenges. Be prepared to face some of the shitty lectures you would have no idea of. Be prepared to face unexpected results even if you believed you did your best. Be prepared to study with limited resources available. Be prepared to adapt to new scenarios, new situations. If you are willing, you will learn a lot in your four years of engineering course. So sit tight and prepare for one of the best roller coaster rides of your life. All the best!!!

Support for freshers who is looking forward to get admitted to IOE Eastern Regional Campus, feel free to contact these peeps for any supports. They are ready to help you guys!!

By Aashiz Poudel

Aashiz is currently a mechanical engineering students pursuing his degrees at IOE,Purwanchal Campus, Dharan. He is not just limited to the field of mechanical engineering. He loves coding and building stuffs.

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  1. how to prepare for backlog can we get detailed way to prepare for backlog where they choose question for exam in back papers?

    1. Prepare backlog similar to how you prepare for regular exams. If you go through old questions you will notice that questions are a bit difficult in back exams compared to regular exams. I would recommend you to cover whole syllabus rather than only going through old questions.

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