Scholars Space is the First Professional Socio-learning Platform that has created a complete Ecosystem between all the learners and all the talents out there

Scholars Space might consist of two words but the vision that these words hold in itself cannot be expressed in thousands of words too.

Under the 5 months of the Official Launch of its website, we have 2500+ users on our Platform. And after the official launch of its first app on November 19 we have a whopping 500+ downloads under 11 days. Let us tell you that the average page view of a user on our platform is 10 pageview/user who enters our platform. This shows the brand and trust which we have created in concept our users and the ultimate growing capacity of this platform.

Visit our Website You won’t regret this decision.

Why Professional Socio-learning Platform why not an E-learning Website?

E-learning will be the platform where learners just come, learn something specific, and move on. But the combination of three words ie; Professional, Socio, Learning these three words combines to create a whole Ecosystem. Learners can learn from our Platform and they can too share the things they have learned on our own platform. They can connect with other learners and talents nearby and around the globe. They can create their own network around the Niche they think they are good at so that they can build Professional connections to the next level.

Why should you be with Scholars Space?

You want the right audience to observe you and know about you and the right audience you are searching for the best possible results are connecting with us. So here we can find the common ground for both of us and create a Win-Win situation.

We offer 5 Spaces under Scholars Space :

My Space : Access what other users post and the page where Advertisement appears

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Myspace in Scholars Space

Learn Space : Access to all the Courses

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Slide Space : Access to all the PDF and slides

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Poddr Space : Access to All Podcasts

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Blog Space : Access to all Blogs till this date & further

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We have a dream, that one day all the aspiring learners and enthusiasts despite their geographical condition, Historical background, economic status can learn and share with freedom on our platform.

Our core value is to be a one-stop solution for all learners and professionals who want to build their professional life to their full potential.

We wish to create a complete ecosystem between learners and Professionals.

We believe in a sustainable partnership where instructors are rewarded for creating content & bringing enthusiastic learners into our ecosystem & Scholars Space is rewarded for driving new learners to those instructors.


To be a one-stop solution for all learners and professionals who want to build their professional life to their full potential.

To build an easy to use, compatible to learn Professional Socio-learning Ecosystem within your palm. To which you can access the unlimited knowledge & learnings anywhere, anytime according to your compatibility.

Our mission is not to replace & change the traditional education system but to let the learners view the education & learning process in a whole new perspective where learning will not be limited up to any degree or certificate but it will be a lifetime learning process with us.

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