Huawei is one of the biggest Chinese companies which is world’s no.1 telecom supplier and no.2 smartphone maker. But the company has been in its biggest trouble in 2019.

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The news about Huawei ban has been the burning issue at present. It is the headline of every news channels. Here is a brief explanation of the ban, the reasons behind it and the future this Chinese company.

We know about the outbreak of trade war between two great economies of the world, USA and China. The USA has been accusing Huawei to be a Chinese spy. They feared that China has been using Huawei equipment to spy on different countries. As a result, USA banned companies from using Huawei network technologies in 2012 for national security. What’s more, the executive order from US President Donald Trump on May 15 has added this company to the blacklist and therefore effectively banning the company from all US communication networks. Similarly, Google has also cut off Huawei phones from future android updates.

Huawei-ban-Donald Trump
President Donald Trump made the statement that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, in the Rose Garden of the White House, On Thursday, June 1, 2017.

The US ban certainly has great impact on the future of Huawei. The components Huawei uses to manufacture are mostly imported from the USA. Because of the ban, the company is supposed to face problem in manufacturing. Not only have US, several other countries also banned its equipment accusing that they are being spied by the Chinese government. The CIA reportedly says that the company is being funded by Chinese State Security.

On the other hand, the company has been denying its ties to Chinese government. They say they haven’t done any wrongdoings and they claim that US is accusing them because of the fact that they cannot compete with its technology. The company has also planned to develop its own OS which may be called “Hongmeng”. But still the future of Huawei looks uncertain. Can it survive without android and Google? This is the biggest question now. As a consumer, we don’t want the company to be doomed. After all, the company has been producing good smartphones and has made the area of smartphones marketing competitive.

By Nishchal Poudel

Nishchal is currently studying Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering at IOE Pulchowk Campus, Nepal.

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